Ardenian News Network
Ardenian News Network -- Cularin Belt XLIII, Hevvrol

The company headquarters of the Ardenian News Network was flooded by reporters today amid rumours that the Ardenian Drive Yards have begun broadcasting advertisements on the Centrepoint Marketplace.

Ardenian Drive Yard's Centrepoint Advertisement
"It is true," commented Chairman Theln, "that the Drive Yards have begun broadcasting a visual advertisement on the Centrepoint Marketplace."

Chairman Theln continued, "I hope, as does the rest of the company, that advertisements like these will get the word of the company out to the rest of the galaxy and boost sales."

The advertisement, as displayed to the right, depicts one of the Ardenian Drive Yards' many shipyards as it produces one of the modules that will be combined to form a Corona-class frigate. Smaller ships can be seen hovering around the module both serving as patrol and maintenance providers to the many droids that construct these large ships.

A Corellian Corvette can be seen slightly behind and above the Corona-class module. These ships often can be seen patrolling the shipyards and surrounding space, protecting the Drive Yards from attack.

The Ardenian Drive Yards have been making plenty of progress in recent days. These advertisements, as Chairman Theln described, are meant to illustrate that the Ardenian Drive Yards is not just another company.

Further developments in the Ardenian Drive Yards include the announcement of a price for shipyard rental in the Corona-class category. Should buyers be interested in renting a shipyard when one comes available for the purpose of constructing one of these massive frigates, the Ardenian Drive Yards can provide for the customer for the relatively inexpensive price of 12 million credits.

Chairman Theln, when asked about coming up with the cost, said, "We determined the price based on a number of factors. How much the raw materials cost, how much we need to pay our shipwrights, how much we need to pay for general maintenance on the shipyards, and how large of a profit margin we desired all went into the cost of renting a shipyard for the purpose of constructing a Corona-class. We have performed a lot of calculations, and we've determined that if the customer can buy the raw materials needed for construction for the right price, the customer can build himself/herself a brand new Corona-class for less than 35 million credits."

The Corona-class frigate joins the Brayl-class bulk freighter in the list of ships the Ardenian Drive Yards will be providing to the galaxy. The Ardenian News Network has been assured that more ships will be listed for production and sales in the near future.
Ardenian News Network -- Cularin Belt XLIII, Hevvrol

The Ardenian Drive Yards have been hard at work. Within just a few days of becoming a recognized company by the galactic community, Chairman Sovan Theln and Vice Chairman Javin Zittoun have been organizing the company to become extremely efficient.

Chairman Theln when asked about the progress said,"We've been hard at work creating an informative and easy-to-use holosite to display all of the information of the Ardenian Drive Yards in an easy-to-read format. Sales are one of the things that we've been able to reorganize, and we've also included a testimonial section for our customers to rate our service."

Chairman Theln Discusses Developments In The Ardenian Drive Yards

Chairman Theln continued, "I'll be happy to report that we'll soon be able to offer more than just datacard sales to the galaxy. Expect inexpensive shipyards, factories, research platforms, freighters, and more in the future."

This all comes after the Ardenian Drive Yards and the Confederacy of Independent Systems signed a trade agreement to allow the company to operate shipyards within the Cularin system. More trade agreements are in talks, but nothing has solidified just yet.


Sovan Theln a posted Jun 12, 13
The Ardenian Drive Yards has become a faction!

If you are interested in joining, click HERE
If you are interested in our sales and services, click the Services tab.

Thank you everyone who helped to make this possible.
A notice to all members: We have changed our name, our theme, our colours, and our leadership team to reflect a change brought about by the merging between the GalactiSend company and the Traders Guild.

As many of you have already discovered, we're becoming a faction. The Tribunal will replace the standard two person leadership team. We have been provided a place to make a temporary headquarters for the time being, and we're already arranging several contracts.

Stay online tomorrow. Our new channel on the IRC is #ady

I'm also pleased to announce we will begin paying members next month! 1 million credits a month, and as we grow, we will increase that amount. So put in a great effort, and you can expect great things in return!
As everyone knows, the Combine has been down for over 24 hours while they're attempting to fix the hard drive (that's the current theory). In the mean time, if you need to connect to the IRC channel to chat with me about something, you can do so by clicking the following link.

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